Stray Dogs Released Haphazardly After G20 Summit

The stray dogs that had been inhumanely captured and taken away to beautify Delhi for the G20 conference were let back into the city in the early hours of Monday morning, a day after the conference had concluded. In Delhi, the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) began releasing stray dogs, but animal rights advocates criticized the method as chaotic.

The dogs were released before being tagged

Stray Dogs Delhi G20 Summit

Animal rights organizations said that the release procedure failed to properly tag the dogs’ original sites and coordinate with local carers, increasing the likelihood that the canines would be relocated. They assert that the MCD began the release procedure on Monday before tagging could be completed, as early as 4-5 a.m.

“Every center had given time today to volunteers to come and tag their dogs or to take them.” People for Animals stated in a statement. The MCD’s edict, however, prevented this from happening.

How does the tagging process work?

Dogs Delhi G20 summit

The tagging procedure is carried out to make sure that these stray animals are returned to the same area. They are not even overlooked or moved. All stray dogs have their own territories, and it is generally known that if other canines enter certain places. The stray dogs would attack and hurt the people there. We anticipated that the civic group would consider these fundamental details before releasing the dogs. Some ABC clinics possessed scanning equipment, and they volunteered to use it to identify dogs with microchips. However, MCD refused to let them to do so”. According to Ambika Shukla, a trustee for the non-profit organization People for Animals.

MCD, however, insisted that the canines be selected for sterilization. Vaccination. And surveillance was being released in the places from where they were picked.

Increasing street dog threat put forward on the court

After CJI DY Chandrachud saw an injured lawyer’s hand who had been mauled by stray dogs on Monday, the Supreme Court was urged to address the growing threat of street dogs’ attacks. Notably, a group of Supreme Court petitions involving street dogs are currently being heard by another court. Senior Attorney Vijay Hansaria requested the Supreme Court to take suo moto notice of this threat in order to safeguard public safety. When he was present at the hearing in the Chief Justice’s courtroom.

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