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2,525 WR Local Trains Canceled for a Week, Expect Chaos

Due to works on the Bandra Terminus-Goregaon route, more than 250 suburban train services will be suspended daily on Mumbai’s Western Railway starting on Friday for a week. There have been 2,525 cancellations as opposed to 2,700 before. The project will be finished by November 3 and contribute to increased timeliness and future expansion of rail services. Long-distance trains and the Mumbai Metro would also be affected by the cancellation of services.

Mumbai: Beginning this Friday, Western Railway (WR) local trains will experience significant delays for a full week as more than 250 suburban train services will be suspended daily until November 3 to allow the railways to finish construction on the sixth line on the Bandra Terminus-Goregaon route.

From 27 October to 6 November, a significant number of trains must be canceled due to construction on the sixth line. The good news is that 2,525 local rail services have been canceled instead of 2,700, which was the original projection for this 11-day period.

Sumit Thakur, top PRO, WR, stated, “We are on a mission to expedite the construction of the sixth line between Khar and Goregaon. “The 8.8 km extra line’s construction is moving quite quickly. Passengers, notably Mumbai local commuters, would profit from the initiative. It will enable the augmentation of extra train services in the near future and assist in enhancing punctuality.

Local Trains Canceled For Work between Goregaon and Santacruz for 11 days

2,525 WR Local Trains Canceled for a Week, Expect Chaos

On the 11 days of work, October 30 will have the most cancellations (326 services). While November 6 will see the least cancellations (20 services). According to the original plan, between 100 and 400 train services would have been canceled over this time period. According to WR officials. The first night of this work will be October 26–27, with Friday suffering the brunt of the 256 train disruptions. According to the timetable for rail operations, 326 of the 1,394 daily trains that WR conducts will be canceled on October 30.

Since October 7, the sixth rail line has been blocked from having its rail tracks connect. The following week will be essential, according to insiders. As they begin the most minute technical tasks to link the two new train lines with the rail yard and Bandra Terminus.

Over 61 percent of all services, or 1,548, have been suggested for cancellation. Between October 30 and November 3 by WR authorities. Then, until November 6, completing projects and inspections of the recently expanded infrastructure are expected to take place. It will result in the cancellation of 201 services.

There will be a total of 1,271 trains headed for Borivali/Virar and 1,254 trains headed for Churchgate that will be canceled. Several trains will also have typical delays of 15 to 20 minutes throughout this time. From October 26 to November 7, WR will short-terminate 188 trains and cancel 43 long-distance trains. These are the trains that run inside Maharashtra as well as to and from Rajasthan, Gujarat, Delhi, and Uttar Pradesh.

Two new rail lines for Mumbai

The expansion of Lines 5 and 6 is one of the most drawn-out rail projects; it was initially announced in 2008. This is the first phase of the project. Using these two train lines all the way to Mumbai Central is part of the second phase. When the project is finished, there will be separate rail lines between Bandra Terminus and Goregaon. On WR for long-distance trains and suburban trains.

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