CEO’s Son Murder in Goa: Postmortem Unveils Gruesome Details

CEO’s Son Murder in Goa: The post-mortem was performed by Dr. Kumar Naik, who stated that the four-year-old son of Suchana Seth, the CEO of a Bengaluru-based artificial intelligence start-up, was suffocated to death. The CEO of The Mindful AI Lab, Suchana Seth, was taken into custody on Monday night in Chitradurga, Karnataka, on suspicion of murdering her kid last week while on vacation at a serviced apartment in Goa.

39-year-old Suchana Seth was traveling from Goa to Bengaluru when the boy’s body—found inside a suitcase—was discovered. The Goa Police ordered her to be taken into custody. “We call it smothering, but the youngster was strangled to death. There was a cushion or a towel used. The youngster was strangled to death. The youngster doesn’t appear to have been strangled with hands. It appears as though a cushion or another material was utilized. Dr. Kumar Naik, the administrative officer of Hiriyur Taluk Hospital in Chitradurga, informed reporters that the child’s rigor mortis has subsided.

Reports on CEO’s Son Murder in Goa

“In the instance of this youngster, there was no rigor mortis, which is the stiffening of the bodily muscles as a result of chemical alterations in their myofibrils. Normally, rigor mortis resolves after 36 hours in India. Thus, almost 36 hours have passed since his passing,” Naik was reported by the news agency PTI as saying. Naik went on to say that the child’s body showed no signs of struggle or blood loss.

CEO's Son Murder in Goa: Postmortem Unveils Gruesome Details

Naik, on the other hand, stated that although the precise moment of his passing was unknown, it had been 36 hours. According to The Indian Express, a top police official in Goa who was engaged in the inquiry stated that the youngster was suffocated and “possibly using a pillow from the service flat.”

“A murder weapon was not present. She apparently attempted suicide by cutting her wrists with scissors. The officer stated, “Blood samples have been collected and a DNA test will be done to verify this.”

Son of Suchana Seth cremated

On Wednesday, the youngster was cremated in Bengaluru. The final ceremonies were conducted by the child’s father, Venkat Raman, according to news agency PTI.

On Wednesday, Venkat Raman had carried his son’s body from Chitradurga to a flat where the preliminary ceremonies were held. The final rites were done by Raman when the body was brought to Rajaji Nagar’s Harishchandra Ghat.

CEO's Son Murder in Goa: Postmortem Unveils Gruesome Details

What is known about the CEO’s Son murder in Goa

According to the Goa police, the murder happened at a service flat in Candolim in North Goa. Somewhere between January 6 and 8. On January 6, Suchana Seth and her kid had checked into the service flat. The CEO spent a few days there before leaving early on January 8th in a cab to go to Bengaluru. The flat staff discovered bloodstains on a towel when they went to clean the room where she had been staying.

They notified the Goa Police right away. Stating that her child was not indeed seen with her and that she was carrying an exceptionally hefty backpack. After getting in touch with their colleagues in Chitradurga, the Goa police investigated Seth’s bag and discovered the child’s body inside. After being detained there, she was transferred to Goa, where a judge placed her under house arrest for a period of six days.

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