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CM Mamata Banerjee Holds SFI Responsible for Jadavpur University Ragging Brutality

In the midst of the escalating controversy surrounding the death of Swapnadip Kundu, a first-year undergraduate student, inside the Jadavpur University hostel in Kolkata a few days ago, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Monday blamed the left-leaning student organization Students Federation of India (SFI) for the death.

The chief minister claimed that the group of students was responsible for fostering an “environment of terror” at esteemed institutions.

CM Mamata Banerjee: What did she say?

CM on Jadavpur University

“Who are these individuals? Marxists are who they are. They still work closely with the Bengal BJP and Congress today. Trinamool is seen as their main foe by them. They are completely without shame, according to Ms. Banerjee.

The Chief Minister continued to criticize the Left, claiming, “The youngster was wearing an amulet, but he was made to take that off. It appears that these individuals (Left-wing students) informed him that this is a “Red Fort.” One of the final bastions of leftist student politics is the university.

The CM further stated, “These guys believe they own the university. Police are not permitted on the property. CCTV camera installation is not permitted on university property. Students are raped. In such a respected institution as Jadavpur University, these individuals have fostered a climate of terror.”

“One must possess sufficient humaneness and empathy. Does this, however, imply that everyone is equally bad? No. I don’t hold all groups of pupils responsible. However, a faction of the CPI(M) makes an effort to control the young students. They believe they have the right to mistreat and degrade the new students. Students are also stripped, according to Ms. Banerjee.

Regarding the incident at Jadavpur University

CM on Jadavpur University Case

Swapnadip, an 18-year-old from Nadia’s Bagula, fell from the main hostel building’s second-floor balcony on Wednesday at about 11.45 p.m. He died while receiving medical attention at a hospital at 3.40 a.m. on Thursday, according to the police. He was reportedly heard saying “I am not gay” numerous times just before he passed away. It’s been confirmed by a number of other pupils as well. The body of the deceased, who had fallen from the balcony, was discovered in an unclothed state.

An ex-Jadavpur University student has been arrested by police on suspicion of ragging an 18-year-old lad. After Swapnadip’s father filed an FIR against him, the arrest was also done. According to reports, the culprit, Sourabh Chowdhury, who earned his MSc in mathematics in 2022 and continued to reside in the main hostel, confessed to his role in the ragging episode while being questioned. He admitted his guilt, and the police detained him.

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