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Mahua Moitra Expelled in Cash-for-Query Scandal

Leading Trinamool Congress (TMC) figure Mahua Moitra was ejected from the Lok Sabha on Friday in the ‘cash-for-query’ case, after the House’s adoption of a resolution supporting her removal from Parliament. The resolution, put up by the Lok Sabha’s Minister of Parliamentary Affairs, was approved by voice vote.

This House agrees with the Committee’s findings that MP Mahua Moitra behaved immorally and indecently while serving as a member of parliament. Thus, it is inappropriate that she serve as a Member of Parliament,” Speaker Om Birla said.

Mahua Moitra was found guilty of collecting money in exchange for not asking certain questions in Parliament earlier by the Parliament Ethics Committee. Which was entrusted with investigating claims of corruption against the head of the Trinamool Congress.

In a report presented to the Lok Sabha on Friday morning. The Ethics Committee suggested that she be removed from the lower chamber of Parliament. Following a contentious debate in the Lok Sabha. Opposition MPs—including Adhir Ranjan Choudhary of the Congress—asked for extra time to review the Ethics panel’s report. Leading to Mahua Moitra’s expulsion.

Mahua Moitra’s right to address the House during the discussion of the panel’s findings was another demand made by the opposition. Speaker Om Birla turned down this request.

Mahua Moitra Expelled in Cash-for-Query Scandal

‘Cash-for-Query’ Case: What Is It?

BJP MP Nishikant Dubey made the accusations against Mahua Moitra. Claiming that the TMC was questioning the lawmaker “in exchange for cash and gifts” from businessman Darshan Hiranandani. The letter from counsel Jai Anant Dehadrai included “irrefutable evidence.” The purported conversation between Moitra and Hiranandani was quoted by the BJP MP.

Then, in a letter to the Parliament’s Ethics Committee, Hiranandani claimed that Moitra had given him her login credentials so he could “post questions on her behalf” for the Parliament. Later, Mahua Moitra acknowledged—in an interview. She had supplied Hiranandani with her Parliament login credentials so that someone in his office could put in the questions to be asked in the Lok Sabha.

The TMC leader came before the Ethics Committee on November 2. But she and other opposition leaders left the hearing due to the questions that were asked of her. The chairman of the ethics commission was charged with posing “personal questions” to Mahua Moitra. Subsequently, the commission approved its findings about the accusations made against Moitra. Which finally resulted in her removal from the Lok Sabha on Friday.

On November 2, the TMC leader appeared before the Ethics Committee but walked out of the meeting along with other Opposition leaders over the nature of the questions which were posed to her. The ethics panel's Chairman was accused of asking "personal questions" to Mahua Moitra.

Later, the panel adopted its report on the allegations against Moitra which ultimately led to her expulsion as a Lok Sabha MP on Friday.

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