Uttarkashi Tunnel Collapse: Rescue Operation Paused Due to Technical Glitch

Uttarkashi tunnel collapse Highlights: Rescue efforts are presently in progress to free the forty-one personnel who are buried beneath the debris of the fallen tunnel in Uttarkashi, Uttarakhand. Drilling activities were once again suspended late on Thursday night due to a technical issue. Pushkar Singh Dhami, the chief minister of Uttarakhand, declared late on November 23 that the drilling operations had been suspended due to a technical malfunction with the American auger equipment. Additionally, the CM spent the night at the tunnel collapse site.

Uttarkashi Tunnel Collapse Highlights

Rescue Operation Paused in Uttarkashi Tunnel Collapse Due to Technical Glitch

According to Bhaskar Khulbe, a former PMO advisor, rescue efforts would start up again on November 24. At approximately 11:30 a.m.

According to Khulbe, it’s probable that the 41 workers who are trapped in the collapsed Uttarakhand tunnel will be freed by Friday night.

The rescue efforts were suspended on Thursday night because the American auger equipment required emergency repairs.

Experts say there are no longer any metal barriers in the debris, and drilling should be finished by Friday night.

All of the stranded laborers are still receiving food and liquids through the 6-inch conduit that has been buried under the debris.

At the rescue site, a geophysicist describes ground penetration radar (GPR)

'Daksh' ROV Used in Uttarakhand Tunnel Collapse Rescue

Ground Penetration Radar (GPR) was used by geophysicists to determine the kind of obstruction obstructing the drilling process when the rescue effort at the Silkyara Tunnel site came to an abrupt stop once more as a result of the auger machine withdrawing from the site.

According to geophysicist B Chendhoor of the GPR survey team.”We were called because something got stuck in the auger machine.” GPR enables us to determine the metallic object’s distance. Since GPR essentially scans, two individuals are required: one to do the scan and the other to collect the data.

What is possible with drone technology in the Uttarkashi rescue operation?

'Daksh' ROV Used in Uttarakhand Tunnel Collapse Rescue

Cyriac Joseph, MD&CEO of Squadron Infra Mining Pvt Ltd, commented on the drone technology being utilized in the rescue effort. “This is a new technology, it travels into GPS-forbidden places. It is used in underground tunnels & underground mines. It was very recently introduced in India. Our goal is to find a way to free the 41 captive workers as swiftly as possible. Another crucial factor is the rescue team’s safety.”

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