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Seema Haider: More Revelations Coming?

According to reports, the Pakistan embassy in New Delhi has received all documents confiscated from Seema Haider. She entered India illegally through Nepal in May to live with her Indian husband Sachin Meena.

Seema and her four children entered India illegally on May 13. Seema stated she had moved in with Meena, who resides in the Greater Noida neighborhood of Uttar Pradesh’s Rabupura.

On July 4, local police detained Meena for harboring illegal immigrants and arrested Haider for entering India illegally. However, on July 7, a local court granted them both bail and since then, they have been residing together in a house in Rabupur with her four children.

Since she was apprehended by the police on July 4, she has been on the security services’ radar due to allegations that she is a Pakistani spy.

According to a Pakistani media source, the mother of four smuggled into India to live with a Hindu guy she contacted through an online game platform since “love” was the “only” reason, and Pakistan’s security agencies had alerted the government of that fact.

Seema Haider

What are the documents of Seema Haider?

During the course of the inquiry, the police were able to collect Seema’s papers. That included her passport, Pakistani ID card, and the passports of her children, according to India Today. To confirm whether she is a Pakistani national, all of these documents were sent to the Pakistani embassy, it was said.

Despite the fact that the authorities are expecting a forensic analysis of the Pakistani citizen’s cell phone, she told the television station that she had not removed any data from it. Her seized phone reportedly went to a forensic facility in Ghaziabad for additional investigation.

Seema Haider, who is she?

Seema Ghulam Haider

Seema Haider, who is from the Pakistani region of Sindh, claimed to have met Meena in 2019–20 while playing the online game PUBG. The two eventually communicated over Whatsapp and Instagram before falling in love. The ministry of external affairs (MEA) announced last week that a probe into the Seema-related incident was in progress.

“She appeared in court, so we are aware of this situation. Bail has been granted for her. Bail has set her free. Investigations are being conducted, according to MEA spokesperson Arindam Bagchi.

“If there are any updates, we’ll let you know. I would prefer not to say more because it is a judicial matter and investigations are ongoing, he said. At his weekly news briefing, Bagchi responded to inquiries from the media regarding the matter.


Two brothers from Bulandshahr were reportedly held by the Uttar Pradesh Anti-Terrorist Squad (ATS). Held for allegedly altering paperwork and Aadhaar cards pertaining to Meena and Seema. The UP ATS detained Pushpendra Meena and his brother Pawan from the public service centre where they both worked in Ahmadgarh.


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