Uttarkashi Tunnel Rescue Successful; Munna Qureshi the Hero

Uttarkashi Tunnel Rescue Successful: The 17-day long rescue mission in the Silkyara tunnel came to a victorious conclusion on Wednesday, with all 41 workers emerging from the trap unscathed. The rescuers were hailed for their unwavering perseverance and hard work, and they were in the spotlight. In his speech, Prime Minister Modi praised the spirit of everyone participating in the rescue effort and stated that everyone on the expedition provided a remarkable example of cooperation and humanity. Even though the rat-hole miners completed the last mile of the Uttarakhand tunnel 24X7, many government agencies with massive forces were stationed in the uncertain terrain. Munna Qureshi, who arrived at the workers first, has been acclaimed as the operation’s hero.

The 41 guys met the Tunnel Rescue Hero

Rat-hole miner Munna Qureshi, 29, is employed by a trenchless engineering services firm in Delhi that cleans water and sewer systems. To clear the final 12 metres of rubble, dozens of rat-hole miners were sent to Uttarakhand on Monday, including him.

Successful Uttarkashi Tunnel Rescue Operation

The US-made auger equipment was pulled out of the tunnel when it malfunctioned. And rat-hole miners became the last line of defence in the rescue effort. The practise of “rat-hole mining,” which involves excavating small holes to collect coal. It was outlawed in 2014 due to its lack of scientific validity.

Munna Qureshi reported that he spotted the 41 stranded workers on Tuesday night after he dislodged the final rock. Munna Qureshi stated, “They embraced me, cheered with applause, and thanked me profusely.”

Following their gruelling operation, Monu Kumar, Wakeel Khan, Feroz, Parsadi Lodhi. And Vipin Rajout were the other rat-hole miners that made it to the trapped guys. The miners were boosted by the jubilant guys who had been waiting for a breakthrough from the other side for a long time. “Almonds were given to me,” a miner reported. Before the NDRF arrived to rescue the men who were trapped, the miners remained there for thirty minutes.

PM Modi Applauds

Uttarkashi Tunnel Rescue Successful; Munna Qureshi the Hero

The country was led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in lauding the bravery and perseverance of the stranded workers and their families as well as the bravery and tenacity of the rescue team.

“Everyone is feeling emotional as a result of our labourer brothers’ successful rescue effort in Uttarkashi. To those who are stuck in the tunnel. I would like to express that everyone is inspired by your bravery and perseverance. I hope everyone is well and stays well. Our friends will finally get to see their loved ones after a lengthy wait, which gives us tremendous happiness. It is impossible to express how much we appreciate the forbearance and bravery these families have displayed during this trying time.” He wrote on X.

Uttarkashi Tunnel Rescue Successful; Munna Qureshi the Hero

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