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Dutch PM ( Expected) Geert Wilders Urges Muslims to Leave for Islamic Nations

Muslims who believe the Quran is more important than the law should leave the nation, according to Geert Wilders. In an unconfirmed video, the head of the Freedom Party (PVV), who is expected to become the country’s prime minister, was heard stating as much. “I have a message for all the Muslims in the Netherlands who find the laws of the Quran more important than our secular laws, who do not respect our freedom, our democracy, and our core values,” the report said.

“Those are prevalent. According to research by Professor Koompans, there are seven lakh. And I’m telling them to go out! Go to a nation that practises Islam. You can then take pleasure in Islamic law. Earlier on X (previously Twitter), Wilders tweeted, “Today, tomorrow, or the day after, the PVV will be part of government and I will be prime minister of this beautiful country.”

In order to establish a government, Wilders said he was willing to modify his beliefs. Even though his party won the most seats in the most recent election, it is anticipated that the PVV will only have 25% of the seats in the Dutch parliament, which means that cooperation with other parties is required for government.

Dutch PM ( Expected) Geert Wilders Urges Muslims to Leave for Islamic Nations

The conservative VVD Party, led by Dilan Yesilgoz, hasn’t ruled out the prospect of lending outside support to a government headed by Wilders. But they have excluded cabinet involvement. Meanwhile, Pieter Omtzigt from the moderate NSC Party sees issues in partnering with Wilders owing to his extremist beliefs. Which would contradict the Dutch constitution’s religious freedom guarantees.

Coalition discussions in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands, coalition discussions can last for several months and involve parties that take differing stances on collaboration. According to Reuters, more centrist coalitions that do not include the PVV may arise if Wilders is unable to establish a government. New elections would then be the final option.

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Why is Geert Wilders so controversial?

Dutch PM ( Expected) Geert Wilders Urges Muslims to Leave for Islamic Nations

As a political figure, Wilders is renowned for using strong language; he has called Moroccans “scum”. And referred to Islam as a “totalitarian ideology.” According to Wilders, his dislike of Islam stemmed from his time living on an Israeli kibbutz and the 2004 murder of anti-Islamic filmmaker Theo van Gogh. His electoral platform demanded that Islamic headscarves be prohibited in government facilities. Along with the Quran, mosques, and all Islamic schools.

In 2014, he asked for “fewer Moroccans” in a speech, and a judge found him guilty. Of disparaging a group of individuals based on their ethnicity some years ago. He also has no problem using foul language to criticize other politicians. At a debate, he fat-shamed his opponent Frans Timmermans, and referred to departing Finance Minister Sigrid Kaag as a “witch.”

Because of his anti-Islamic remarks, Wilders has become a target for radicals and has spent the last 20 years living under constant security, bouncing between safe houses. At an election-night celebration at a coastal café in the Netherlands. Wilders was escorted in and out of the establishment, which had earlier been searched by canines and specialized police units. While being surrounded by security personnel.

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