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Kim Jong Un & Vladimir Putin Meeting: Key Discussions

Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia, visited Kim Jong Un on Wednesday at the Vostochny Cosmodrome in the country’s far eastern Amur region. Kim traveled to Russia on a special train to meet with President Putin to the sounds of a military band despite warnings from Washington not to exchange weapons.

Jong Un was spotted heading onto a red-carpeted train station before meeting Natural Resources Minister Alexander Kozlov on a rare overseas trip and his first since the epidemic. Kim boarded his train on Sunday and departed Pyongyang for Russia. Only seven excursions outside of his nation and two crossings of the inter-Korean border have been indeed made by Kim in his twelve years in charge. However, four of the journeys were to China, the North’s principal political ally.

What Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un spoke about. Major points

Kim Jong Un & Vladimir Putin Meeting: Key Discussions

1. The two leaders had a tour of a Soyuz-2 space rocket launch site before their meeting. Putin said that Russia may assist North Korea in developing satellites. That’s the reason we came here. The North Korean leader is very interested in rocket technology. At the Vostochny Cosmodrome in Russia’s Far East, Putin indeed stated that they were working to advance their space programs.

2. Kim also informed Putin, the head of the Kremlin, that the West and Russia were engaged in a holy war, and that the two nations would combat “imperialism” together. “Russia has taken up a sacred struggle to defend its security and sovereignty… against the forces of hegemony.” Via a translator, Kim informed Putin.

3. Kim said that his meeting with Putin was a “stepping stone” towards closer ties between the two nations.

4. Kim Jong Un, the leader of the isolated nation, was hosted by Putin, who celebrated the “strengthening of future cooperation” with North Korea.

5. Kim expressed his confidence that “evil” would be defeated by the Russian army and people. Kim stated, “I am also utterly persuaded that the valiant Russian army and people would magnificently inherit the legacy of triumph and boldly exhibit priceless honor and dignity on the fronts of the special military operation.

6. Although he stressed that Russia will uphold its duties to the international community. Putin stated there was potential for bilateral military-technical cooperation.

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