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Top Google Searches 2023: Why Eggs, Taylor Swift Tickets, Sriracha Sauce are So Expensive?

Top Google Searches 2023: Here is your 2023 Google search history. Actually, the world’s, actually. The California-based internet behemoth unveiled its “Year in Search” on Monday. It compiled a list of the world’s most pressing questions for 2023. These questions ranged from iconic pop culture events (hi, Barbenheimer) to the passing of well-known individuals to devastating news with global implications.

According to Google’s worldwide data, the most searched-for news in 2023 was the continued conflict between Israel and Hamas. Other popular topics included the June implosion of a submersible Titanic and the severe earthquakes that struck Turkey and Syria in February.

This year, Damar Hamlin was the most popular person on Google Trends. The NFL’s Buffalo Bills safety, Hamlin, nearly died from a heart collapse on the pitch in a game in January. But he has since made a remarkable recovery. Next was actor Jeremy Renner, who at the beginning of 2023 survived a major snowplow accident. Meanwhile, among famous people who have died away, Tina Turner and the late Matthew Perry lead search trends.

Top Google Searches 2023

Top Google Searches 2023: Why Eggs, Taylor Swift Tickets, Sriracha Sauce are So Expensive

This year, “Barbie” topped Google search trends for films in the entertainment industry. It was followed by Barbenheimer co-pilot “Oppenheimer” and the Indian thriller “Jawan.” In terms of television, the top three trending shows in 2023 were “The Last of Us,” “Wednesday,” and “Ginny and Georgia.”

“ゎ悤ドル (Idol)” by Yoasobi was the #1 trending song on Google. Shakira and Bizarrap’s “Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 53” and Jason Aldean’s “Try That In A Small Town,” which shot to the top of the charts following controversy this summer, came next.

And those are just the worldwide search trends that Google predicts for 2023. The most popular recipe on the trend was bibimbap. The Argentine football sensation Lionel Messi’s new team, Inter Miami CF, topped Google’s sports teams trends. Additionally, a lot of Americans spent 2023 wondering why things like eggs, Taylor Swift tickets, and sriracha bottles cost so much. Oxford just designated the term “rizz” the word of the year, and it was the most often-asked explanation of slang.

Further information is available in Google’s “Year in Search” repository, which also includes lists and trends from previous years broken down by nation. According to the business, it gathered its search results for 2023 between January 1 and November 27 of this year.

As 2023 comes to a year, Google is not the only company that releases yearly statistics. Chances are, you’ve indeed seen various lists summarising online activities this year, ranging from dictionary lookups to music streaming. For instance, Wikipedia published its year-end list of the most popular articles last week, with its page about ChatGPT coming in first.

In celebration of the search engine’s 25th birthday, Google also revealed the “of all time” top search results for a number of distinct categories. Since 2004 (the year the company’s trends data was public), Beyoncé has been the most Googled Grammy winner ever. Cristiano Ronaldo, the Portuguese soccer star, is the most searched athlete. And “Harry Potter” is the most searched movie or TV series.

Top Google Searches 2023

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