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How to Solve Taylor Swift’s Vault Puzzles, Fans Broke Internet

At the MTV VMAs 2023, Swift made history by winning nine prizes, including Album of the Year and Artist of the Year for her album Midnights. And just when you thought she had run out of things to do, she surprises you with an Easter egg. In order to fully own the rights to her prior albums, Swift is re-recording them. Her chart-topping record 1989 is the most recent to receive a reissue. The promotion for her most recent CDs has emphasized the fact that they were taken from a “Vault” that contains previously unreleased music.

Taylor likes leaving hints for us, and we Swifties enjoy searching for them. People frequently assume that we manufacture mountains out of molehills, but Google has given us a true challenge to solve. The puzzles lead us to all the 1989 (Taylor’s Version) vault tracks. Are you worried about Taylor Swift’s Google 1989 Vault Puzzles answers? We got you covered.

What does Google’s Taylor Swift 1989 vault mean?

How to Solve Taylor Swift's Google 1989 Vault Puzzles, Fans Broke Internet

Just type Taylor Swift into Google, and a tiny vault will appear in the bottom right corner of the page. When you click it, a type of crossword problem will appear. You may assist in opening the vault and revealing its secret by simply typing your response into the search field. It will open once 33 million accurate responses have been entered globally.

Answers to all of Taylor Swift’s Google 1989 Vault Puzzles

Here are all the various hints and also the potential answer combinations that we are currently aware of. Just keep in mind that a hint could have more than one solution, so make sure you’re truly examining the colored tiles to see which solution is most suited. Simply go back and try again with a fresh puzzle if it doesn’t work because some answers might be a little tricky.

The Answers

Hints Possible Answers
I Love You swifties
Blank Space magic madness heaven sin
incredible things
she’s like oh my god
so it’s gonna be forever
so hey let’s be friends
crossword puzzle
nice to meet you
and I’ll write your name
pen click
darling I’m a nightmare
You Are In Love you’re my best friend
Bad Blood she wasn’t doing anything
now we got problems
Birth Day Wednesday
Birth Date December thirteenth
AKA Christmas in September chai sugar cookies
Blue Sweatshirt seagulls
Caption got a haircut
Deepest Fear sea urchins
Coffee long list of ex lovers
Clean what you are is brave
I could finally breathe
think I am finally clean
Excitedly Mingling secret sessions
First Stop Tokyo
Halloween Costume pegacorn
I Wish You Would everything and nothing
elevator buttons
Impossible To Reason With Sheep
Karma Music Video MCMLXXXIX
Last Stop Melbourne
Loudest and Brightest City new york city
Lucky thirteen
Makes You Clean rainstorms
New Romantics come along with me
Number of Instant Films sixty five
And Somehow That Was Everything but she found herself
Out of the Woods Intro she lost him
Reclaimed taylor’s version
Release October twenty-seventh
Shake It Off she danced to forget him
can’t stop won’t stop moving
I’m just gonna shake
Smashing golf club
Style with some other girl
never go out of style
red lip classic
Sun Sign Sagittarius
This Love (Taylor’s Version) the summer I turned pretty
Wildest Dreams he does it so well
burning it down
Wildest Dreams (Taylor’s Version) glitch

1989 (Taylor's Version)

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