SL vs. BAN: Players Skip Handshake After ‘Timed Out’ Dispute

Players from Bangladesh and Sri Lanka in the upcoming ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023 refused to shake hands after their heated argument. On Monday, November 6, at the Arun Jaitley Stadium in New Delhi, Bangladesh defeated Sri Lanka by a margin of three wickets. After Tanzim Hasan Sakib scored the game-winning runs off of Angelo Mathews. The two groups of players chose to ignore one another. After Mathews became the first player in international cricket history to be timed out, an uproar broke out.

The Incident

When Mathews came in to bat at number six in the first innings, the Bangladeshi players filed an appeal because he was having trouble taking the crease in the allotted time due to a problem with the strap on his helmet. The on-field umpires, Richard Illingworth and Marais Erasmus, conferred after Mathews’ appeal and chose to dismiss him.

SL vs. BAN: Players Skip Handshake After 'Timed Out' Dispute

The experienced Sri Lankan all-rounder was told to march out by the umpires, but Shakib refused to retract his appeal in spite of pleadings from Mathews. After Mathews was dismissed, Asalanka attacked Bangladesh and scored his first century in an ODI World Cup. After hitting six boundaries and five sixes in 108 runs off 105 balls, Asalanka left the pitch to help Sri Lanka reach a total of 279 runs in 49.3 overs.

With a 168-run partnership for the second wicket, Shakib and Najmul Shanto stitched half-centuries. Putting Bangladesh ahead in their 280-run chase. In the second innings of the match, Mathews was the bowler who dismissed both Shanto and Shakib. It provided a moment of poetic justice. It’s interesting to note that Shakib’s decision to challenge Mathews’ dismissal was triggered by Shanto informing him of the regulation.

Nevertheless, Bangladesh achieved their first-ever victory over Sri Lanka in the history of the ODI World Cup. Crossing the finish line with three wickets and 8.1 overs remaining.

What is the rule regarding timed-out dismissals in cricket?

SL vs. BAN: Players Skip Handshake After 'Timed Out' Dispute

The rules of the game explicitly stipulate that the batter must be prepared to face the first ball within three minutes of the last dismissal. Hence Shakib and the Bangladeshi players were right to file an appeal. However, the duration is two minutes during World Cups. There is no mention of an equipment malfunction as a potential outage for the batter in the playing conditions. Is it possible that Shakib withdrew the appeal? Shakib was questioned twice by the on-field umpires. The skipper of Bangladesh chose to stick with his choice, as was later disclosed.

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