Justin Trudeau Declined ‘Presidential Suite’ During G20 Summit

According to information cited by Press Trust of India, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau declined to stay in the presidential suite during his trip to India for the G20 Summit and instead chose an ordinary room at the same hotel. Notably, Indian security services have created uniquely built presidential apartments in accordance with security regulations for every world leader.

During his trip for the G20 Summit, Justin Trudeau stayed at the Lalit Hotel in the nation’s capital. His entourage turned down a presidential suite that had been offered in favor of standard accommodation at the same hotel. Every world leader who traveled to India for the G20 was given access to presidential suite-style VVIP hotels. That too with full security measures.

Sources claim that Justin Trudeau’s delegation informed the Indian security services that this choice was being made owing to financial concerns. The Indian officials, however, claim that they are unaware of the precise rationale for Trudeau’s accommodation in a standard room.

Justin Trudeau at the G20 Summit in India

Justin Trudeau at G20 Summit in India with PM Modi

It should be noted that this was not the only strange incident during Justin Trudeau’s trip to India. The Canadian prime minister was supposed to leave India on September 10. But a mechanical issue with his Airbus jet forced him to remain an extra day.

According to sources cited by Press Trust of India, the Indian side offered the services of an aircraft called “Air India One”. To Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his delegation. So, they could fly home after learning that the delay in their departure was caused by a problem with their special aircraft. According to information cited by Press Trust of India. The Canadian side rejected the offer and opted to wait for the backup aircraft. Only on September 12 was Trudeau finally permitted to leave India.

In the meantime, tensions between India and Canada grew on Monday as Justin Trudeau. The prime minister of Canada, said India was responsible for the death of Hardeep Nijjar. Hardeep was a designated Khalistani terrorist in India. India banned a top Canadian diplomat from the country on Tuesday in retaliation for Canada’s accusations. Which it described as “absurd” and “motivated.”

Hardeep Singh Nijjar, the leader of the terrorist organization Khalistan Tiger Force. He is a recognized terrorist in India. He was assassinated on June 18 in Surrey, British Columbia, near a Gurdwara.

Justin Trudeau at G20 Summit in India

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