Maldives Govt Suspends 3 Ministers for Demeaning Comments on PM Modi

Due to their disparaging comments directed at Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the Maldives government suspended three ministers on Sunday. Malsha Shareef, Mahzoom Majid, and Mariyam Shiuna were suspended due to their comments against Prime Minister Modi, which caused a significant response.

The Maldives government disassociated itself from the comments earlier in the day and referred to them as “personal opinions” in a statement. The announcement followed India’s declaration that Mariyam Shiuna, the junior woman minister, had made inappropriate and indecent statements.

Maldives Govt Suspends 3 Ministers

Maldives Govt Suspends 3 Ministers for Demeaning Comments on PM Modi

Former presidents, such as Ibrahim Solih and Mohammad Nasheed, had called for the ministers to be held accountable for their criticism of Prime Minister Modi. “I denounce the Maldivian government officials’ use of derogatory rhetoric against India on social media. Former President Ibrahim Solih had However stated. “India has always been a good friend to the Maldives and we must not allow such callous remarks to negatively impact the age-old friendship between our two countries.”

Abdulla Shahid, the former foreign minister of the Maldives, has also called for harsh punishment for the ministers. “It is disgusting and offensive. That two Deputy Ministers of the present Maldives government and a member of a coalition political party have made disparaging statements against Prime Minister @narendramodi and the Indian people on social media. He had stated, “I demand that the Government censure these officials,” in an X post.

These ministers’ comments have already caused a huge social media response, with celebrities and movie stars criticizing the Maldivian officials for their divisive words against Modi. The minister’s offensive statement was made while Maldivian President Muhammad Muizzu was in Beijing looking for financial assistance. By running for office in November on a platform of removing Indian soldiers from the Maldives. The Sunni Salafi Muslim leader had earned the mandate.

EaseMyTrip cancels reservations for flights to islands

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One of the biggest travel websites in India halted reservations for flights to the Maldives. A country that depends heavily on tourism. After insulting remarks made on social media against Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi strained ties between the two countries. Co-founder Prashant Pitti gave an explanation of EaseMyTrip’s decision to halt all of its airline reservations to the Maldives on Monday. Stating that “country comes before business” and that other domestic travel agencies should take note of this.

We have made the decision to stop accepting reservations for the Maldives moving ahead, based on the remarks we have been hearing from government authorities concerning India. “Three lakh Indian tourists travel to the Maldives each year. However, they will no longer be able to use this service on EaseMy Trip.” Pitti stated in a video.

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