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Possible Authenticity of Alien Corpses in Mexico Confirmed by Lab Tests

Possible Authenticity of Alien Corpses in Mexico Confirmed by Lab Tests: As part of an inquiry to establish whether they were man-made or real, one of the extraterrestrial bodies that were exhibited last week in Mexico Congress underwent a number of scientific tests. It included an X-ray and CT scan. The mummified bones were ultimately subjected to testing on Tuesday (Sept. 19) at a laboratory in Mexico City, and the results showed that they had not been created or altered in any way, raising the possibility that they were authentic.

Alien Corpses in Mexico Test

Possible Authenticity of Alien Corpses in Mexico Confirmed by Lab Tests

The purported victims belonged to a single skeleton and were not put together with bones from other animals or people. According to Jose de Jesus Zalce Benitez, head of the Scientific Institute for Health of the Mexican Navy. He continued by saying that “there is no evidence of any assembly or manipulation of the skulls” according to the laboratory testing. According to him, “[They] belong to a single skeleton that has not been joined to other pieces,” according to The Telegraph.

Further, he said that his team discovered one that “was alive, was intact, was biological, and was in gestation.” Indicating the possibility that the big lumps within the supposed alien’s abdomen were eggs. Videos of the scientists doing tests on one of the corpses with an extended head, two slanted eyes, and a little raised nose were made public.

The scientific community remains split

The two bodies were exhibited last week and are not believed to be authentic by the scientific world. They were exhibited by Jaime Maussan, a Mexican journalist and UFO enthusiast. Which remains divided on the subject. The assertions have also been denounced as “unsubstantiated” and a “hoax” by a number of forensics and UFO specialists.

According to Sky News. British physics professor Brian Cox is one of the skeptics who has been advocating for the shipment of a sample. To biological technology company ’23andMe’ for impartial confirmation that the specimens are extraterrestrial. He asserted last week that it is extremely unlikely that an intelligent creature that arose on another planet would resemble us.

The government of Peru opened an investigation

Alien Corpses in Mexico

How the extraterrestrial remains that were discovered in Peru near the Nazca Lines ended up in Maussan’s custody has also baffled many. The remains were described by the Peruvian authorities as pre-Hispanic artifacts. And they also indicated that a criminal investigation into how the bodies departed the nation had been launched. But 70-year-old Maussan insisted that he is innocent and has done “absolutely nothing illegal.” He promised to divulge everything “at an appropriate time.”

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