Putin Invites PM Modi to Russia, Wishes Success for 2024 Polls

Jaishankar expressed his confidence that President Putin and Prime Minister Modi will hold an annual summit the following year at a joint media appearance with Lavrov following their discussions. Jaishankar stated that the two leaders had been in regular communication during his previous introductory statements. “We are excited to have our friend, Mr. Prime Minister Modi, visit Russia,” Putin said to Jaishankar.

“We are aware of Prime Minister Modi’s stance and have discussed it on several occasions. I’m talking about his stance, his approach to challenging situations, like hotspots, and the circumstances in Ukraine. I have told him about this conflict’s circumstances on several occasions. I am aware of his efforts to find a peaceful solution to this issue,” stated Putin.

Putin said to Jaishankar, “I know that India next year will have a busy political schedule,” but he added, “I ask you to give him my best wishes and please tell him that we are waiting for him in Russia” (referring to the 2024 Lok Sabha Election). Putin remarked, “We wish our friends in India success.”

Putin Invites PM Modi to Russia, Wishes Success for 2024 Polls

The meeting represents the pinnacle of institutional discussion within the strategic alliance between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President Vladimir Putin.

“It is an honor to speak with President Vladimir Putin tonight. Passed along the kind regards of Prime Minister @narendramodi and a personal note. President Putin was informed of my conversations with Ministers Manturov and Lavrov. I appreciated his advice on how to advance our relationships,” Jaishankar said in his Tweet on X.

Relation between Russian President Putin and Indian PM Modi

Putin Invites PM Modi to Russia, Wishes Success for 2024 Polls

21 yearly conferences have so far been held alternately in Russia and India. December 2021 was the last summit held in New Delhi.

Putin said that increased commerce, especially in high-tech and crude oil sectors, is the reason for the growth in trade between Russia and India. Despite Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine, India and Russia maintained a close relationship.

India has insisted that diplomacy and communication are the only ways to address the situation and has not yet denounced Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Even while there is growing unease about Russian crude oil in many Western nations, India’s imports of it have increased dramatically.

Putin Invites PM Modi to Russia, Wishes Success for 2024 Polls

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