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Kerala High Court on Watching Adult Content and Moms Cooking Foods for Kids

The Kerala High Court ruled that parents should let their children sample the excellent cuisine their mother makes rather than ordering food from restaurants through “swiggy” and “zomato.” The high court stated, “Instead of buying food from restaurants through’swiggy’ and ‘zomato’. Let the children taste the delicious food made by their mother. Let the children play at playgrounds and come home to the mesmerising smell of their mother’s food. I’ll let the parents of this society’s minor children to use their judgement on it.

Kerala High Court on Watching Adult Content

The judge held that viewing pornographic images or films privately without displaying them to others is not illegal since it is a question of personal preference. According to the supreme court, making such an act illegal would violate a person’s privacy. And interfere with his freedom of choice.

Kerala High Court on Watching Adult Content

The decision was made by Justice P V Kunhikrishnan in the context of dismissing an obscenity complaint brought under Section 292 of the Indian Penal Code. Against a 33-year-old man who was detained by police in 2016. While using his phone to watch pornographic films on the side of the road close to the Aluva palace. The accused person’s request to have the FIR and related court proceedings against him dismissed led to the order and decision. According to the court, pornography has been used for decades. It has become more accessible in the modern digital era, even to kids.

“In this instance, the issue to be resolved is whether it is unlawful for someone to watch a pornographic movie. Especially on their own time without showing it to anybody else. For the mere reason that it is his private decision and interference with it would be an invasion of his privacy. A court cannot rule that the same constitutes an offence,” it stated. The court ruled that no violation of Section 292 of the IPC was established against the accused as a result. And all related proceedings in the magisterial court were halted.

The Court to the Parents

In addition, Justice Kunhikrishnan advised parents against providing children with mobile devices with internet access in an effort to make them happy. The danger behind it should be known to the parents. Allow your kids to view educational news and videos on your mobile device while you’re around. The court stated, “Parents should never give mobile phones to minor children in order to make them happy. And then complete their daily chores in their home. Allowing unsupervised use of mobile phones by children.”

In his ruling, Justice PV Kunhikrishnan suggested that parents encourage their kids to play outside and eat wonderful meals prepared by their moms. Rather of letting them use mobile applications like Swiggy and Zomato to place food orders.

Instead of using apps like Swiggy and Zomato to order food from restaurants. The Kerala High Court advised parents to let their kids sample the mouthwatering meals their mothers prepare for them. Let them play on playgrounds during that time. Then bring them home to the enticing aroma of those meals.

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