Sudha Murty Travels Abroad with Pure Vegetarian Food & Utensils

Sudha Murty, the acclaimed Indian author, and philanthropist, is well-known for her candid and humorous personality. During her appearance on The Kapil Sharma Show, the witty author, who happens to be a food enthusiast, made a lighthearted joke about her husband, Infosys founder Narayana Murthy. She playfully attributed his consistent weight since their marriage to her “poor” cooking skills.

In a recent revelation, Sudha Murty, who follows a strict vegetarian diet, shared an interesting habit she maintains while traveling abroad. Not one to compromise on her dietary preferences, she carries her own food and utensils wherever she goes. This unique practice ensures that she can continue to enjoy wholesome vegetarian meals, no matter where her journeys take her.

When traveling abroad, Sudha Murty brings ready-to-eat meals

Sudha Murty

Recently, Sudha Murty made an appearance on Kunal Vijayakar’s television program Khaane Mein Kya Hai as a culinary writer. At By 2 Coffee-Bhojana Shale in Bengaluru’s Vijaynagara, the pair gorged on a traditional South Indian thali served on a banana leaf. Sudha Murty and Kunal Vijayakar had a great conversation while they gorged on rice, sambar, holige, and other foods.

Kunal Vijayakar was informed by the novelist and philanthropist that she takes risks in her work. not food though. She is a strict vegetarian and avoids eating eggs and garlic. She also fears restaurants that cook with the same spoon for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. Therefore, when she travels overseas, she brings her own backpack loaded with food and ready-to-eat packages like poha. Additionally, Sudha Murty travels with a tiny cooker so she may cook for herself.

It’s ironic because the author claims that 60 years ago, she would mock her grandma for doing the same. She frequently urged her grandmother to eat out rather than transport her own meals. She now acknowledges acting in a similar manner. Sudha Murty often takes her Indian food bag with her wherever she goes.

She Loves Kashmir’s Dum Aloo and Kolkata’s Sandesh

She is however willing to dine in vegetarian establishments while travelling. Her favorite foods are Tripura’s pineapples, Kolhapur’s basundi, Rajasthan’s jalebi, Kolkata’s sandesh, Gujarat’s dhokla, and Kashmir’s dum aloo. She also shared tambuli with Kunal Vijayakar on the program; it’s a cool meal composed of buttermilk, coconut, spices, and an uncooked vegetable.

Sudha Murty

Sudha Murty, a renowned Indian author, social worker, and philanthropist, is an inspirational figure whose contributions have left a lasting impact on society. Born in 1950 in Shiggaon, Karnataka, she pursued a successful career in engineering before venturing into writing. Her literary works, spanning various genres, have touched the hearts of readers, both young and old. Sudha Murty’s writing style is simple yet profound, reflecting her deep understanding of human emotions and societal issues.

Alongside her literary pursuits, she is actively involved in charitable activities, co-founding the Infosys Foundation with her husband, Narayana Murthy. Through the foundation, she has worked tirelessly to empower underprivileged communities, promote education, and support various social causes. Sudha Murty’s humility, compassion, and dedication to making a positive difference in people’s lives have earned her widespread admiration and respect, making her an inspiration to countless individuals across the country and beyond.


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