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JU Student Death: Naked Parade, Initial Probe Finds Molestation & Ragging

Upon conducting a comprehensive preliminary investigation, the Kolkata Police unveiled crucial details surrounding the tragic incident. The victim, Swapnadip Kundu, a first-year student at Jadavpur University, was subjected to a distressing sequence of events. Reportedly, he was paraded in a demeaning manner, completely unclothed, within the corridors of the main hostel’s second floor. This disturbing occurrence took place mere minutes before the unfortunate incident where he fell from the same floor and tragically lost his life. The revelations shed light on the harrowing circumstances that led to this untimely and deeply saddening loss.

Additionally, it was found that the kid was “sexually molested” and that the 12 persons who were detained “had played active roles” during the entire incident.

The Kolkata Police Statement on JU Student Death

“There is no doubt that the youngster was assaulted sexually. After being made to undress in room number 70, he was paraded in the hallway while unclothed. We have proof. The 12 people who were detained had a part in the entire incident, the officer informed PTI.

Jadavpur University Hostel

A WhatsApp group purportedly formed by one of the accused to deceive the police during rounds of questioning has also been found through further research. An officer stated, “Probe also showed that the arrested accused had planned to confuse police. So that the ragging part could be concealed.”

According to reports, the local court granted their request on Tuesday to include Section 4 of the WB Prohibition of Ragging in Educational Institutions Act 2000.

Ongoing Investigation

He said that on Tuesday, authorities questioned the hostel’s cook to learn more about the events of August 9. Two other university students have been asked to appear in front of the investigators so they may be questioned on their investigation.

The kid allegedly perished on August 9 at night after falling from the main boys’ hostel next to the campus’ second-floor balcony. His relatives said he had been sexually assaulted and raped. Read more news on JU Student Death.

The Case of JU Student Death

Jadavpur University Case

Investigators say that “tutored accounts” of the versions of events given by the accused students have begun to fall apart under questioning. As they concentrate on reconstructing the crime scene from the day the 17-year-old first-year student. Who allegedly jumped to his death after being raped and harassed at Jadavpur University.

Friday saw the arrest of three additional persons, including one current and two former students. Bringing the total to 12—six of whom are currently enrolled students. The three people who were detained on Friday were presented in court on Saturday. Then placed in police custody until August 31.

The stories of the accused originally sparked alarms since they were similar to one another. Including the precise timings of the version of events, according to a top police official looking into the matter. Doubts were raised as a result of this information. Together with the information that at least four general body meetings had been conducted at the hostel by a group of students after the youngster supposedly leaped to his death from the second story.

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