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McDonald’s, Zomato Fined ₹1 Lakh for Sending Non-Veg on Vegetarian Order

Zomato, an online meal delivery service, and McDonald’s have each been fined 1 lakh by the District Consumer Dispute Redressal Forum of Jodhpur for providing non-vegetarian food in place of the customer’s vegetarian food order. The customer has received a Rs. 5,000 reward to cover their legal fees. Zomato and McDonald’s will split the expense of the legal action as well as the fine.

According to news agency PTI, the District Consumer Dispute Redressal Forum (II) Jodhpur fined Zomato and McDonald’s. The restaurant partner whose food was delivered through it, 1 lakh for violating the Consumer Protection Act, 2019. And granted 5,000 as cost of litigation. “Both monetary penalty and cost of litigation are to be borne jointly and severally by Zomato and McDonald’s,” it stated.

McDonald’s & Zomato Fined ₹1 Lakh

McDonald's, Zomato Fined ₹1 Lakh for Sending Non-Veg on Vegetarian Order

The consumer in question placed an order at McDonald’s. The consumer discovered they had gotten a non-vegetarian package. Instead of the vegetarian products they had purchased after the order was delivered by Zomato.

In the meanwhile, Zomato stated that it “is in the process of filing an appeal against the said order and based on the advice from its external counsels. Zomato believes it has a good case on merits.” According to Zomato’s filing, their terms of service state that the meal delivery platform is only a conduit for the sale of food and that the restaurant partner is accountable for any service issues. Erroneous delivery of orders/order mismatches, and issues with quality.

The company added that the order has no significant financial, operational, or other effects on it. “The order failed to appreciate the distinction in responsibility and imposed a joint and several monetary penalty on Zomato and McDonald’s. Under the relevant provisions of the Consumer Protection Act, 2019,” it said.

More Cases of Delivering Non veg Food on Veg Order

 Cases of Delivering Non veg Food on Veg Order

This event is not unique because there have been other reported instances of faulty meal delivery. A restaurant and a delivery person in Lucknow became the subject of a court case when they accidentally delivered chilli chicken. Rather than the chilli paneer that a client had requested. The complainant in this instance. Rakesh Kumar Shastri, expressed his displeasure with the incorrect meal delivery his family got on October 9.

It is indeed crucial for food delivery firms to put strict quality control procedures in place and immediately respond to customer complaints, as more customers use online platforms for meal deliveries. This latest also decision sends a clear message that meal delivery firms need to do more to guarantee the accuracy of each order.

 Cases of Delivering Non veg Food on Veg Order

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