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AP Dhillon Introduced his New Girlfriend Banita Sandhu?

The singer’s recently released song “With You” has reignited the rumors of an affair between AP Dhillon and Khushi Kapoor. AP Dhillon is beyond a shadow of a doubt king of the Indian music scene. He’s been on a remarkable run over the past few years. When it was first published, his song Excuses (Kehndi Hundi C) topped various chartbusters. The music sensation recently released a new song called With You, which led to rumors that he was having an affair with Khushi Kapoor. Is Khushi Kapoor and AP Dhillon dating? Fans are desperate to find out who AP Dhillon’s girlfriend is. As a result, we have created this page to tell you about the singer’s love life. Let’s go into the specifics to see what is happening between Khushi Kapoor and AP Dhillon. Go on reading. Read on for more information.

Is AP Dhillon Dating Banita Sandhu?

Khushi Kapoor AP Dhillon

Khushi Kapoor, the younger sister of Janhvi Kapoor, is rumored to be dating internationally renowned Punjabi artist AP Dhillon, who shot to prominence for his song Excuses and other songs earlier this year. Why did the rumors start? According to reports, the singer made a reference to Khushi Kapoor in his song when AP Dhillon’s True Stories was published, which fuelled rumors that Khushi Kapoor was dating AP Dhillon. The vocalist sings “Jado hase te lage tu Khushi Kapoor” in a verse of the song, which is translated as “when you laugh, you resemble Khushi Kapoor.” Learn more information by reading this article until the end.

Fans began speculating that AP Dhillon is secretly dating Khushi Kapoor after the release of his song True Stories since he alluded to his girlfriend in the song. With You is a new song and music video by AP Dhillon. The singer may be seen in the video with Banita Sandhu, a British Asian actress best known for her work in the films October, Varmaa, and Adithya Varma.

Did AP Dhillon just introduce Banita Sandhu as his new girlfriend?

AP Dhillon Banita Sandhu?

The singer is smitten with Banita Sandhu throughout the music video for the song With You, holding her hands, snuggling, sharing food, and even exchanging a quick peck. After viewing the song’s video, a fan left the following remark on AP Dhillon’s Instagram post: Another person wrote: “Girlfriend?? It’s so perfect I wouldn’t even be mad if she really is your girl.” Before the documentary, you’re startling the girls. Has Dhillon met the one?

Banita Sandhu and AP Dhillon’s relationship suspicions are on trending

With You, a love song by AP Dhillon that was published on August 11, 2023. It became extremely popular and caught everyone’s attention. Although the song’s lyrics and melody were excellent, everyone was taken aback by AP Dhillon’s swoon-worthy chemistry with Bollywood actress Banita Sandhu. Although it was a music video, AP Dhillon and Banita’s natural connection was far too alluring and gave off the impression that they were a genuine pair.

Who is Banita Sandhu?

Banita Sandhu AP Dhillon

Actress Banita Sandhu is from Wales. She is well-known for her work in Indian movies and made her acting debut in the Hindi movie October. She then starred in the Tamil movie Adithya Varma and the CW show Pandora. Waring Mckenna and IMG Talent are her agents.
The song “Ek Ajnabee Haseena Se” served as the background music for an advertisement for Doublemint by the Wrigley Company. Sandhu also starred in an advertisement for Vodafone India that aired during the Indian Premier League cricket season. Varun Dhawan starred in her debut motion picture, October, which was released in 2018. Later, she agreed to work on the British film Kavita and Teresa and the Hindi film Sardar Udham Singh.

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