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Sabrina Carpenter Releases ‘fruitcake EP’: A Unique Holiday Spirit

With classic Christmas tunes, musicians have pretty much covered all there is to cover. Numerous renditions of beloved classics such as “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas” and “Silent Night” are available. There’s only so many original ways you can take them apart and reassemble them. Sabrina Carpenter addresses that problem with an EP full of fresh, overly romantic Christmas songs.

A lot of musicians are reluctant to write their own Christmas tunes. They don’t always become as popular as hymn covers of the classics. We do, however, like the new music that we may add to our Christmas playlist. Although they might never be able to replace the classics, they sure as hell save us from the inevitable ennui that sets in a week or so into December after we’ve listened to all the well-known songs.

Sabrina Carpenter Introduces new Christmas Songs

Sabrina Carpenter Releases 'fruitcake EP': A Unique Holiday Spirit

Carpenter says he agrees. She says, “Is it new years yet?” in the last original song on Fruitcake. The songs are nice, but they’re overdone. The fast-paced hymn represents Carpenter’s musical style in its purest form. It’s smart, feminine, and enjoyable. Carpenter has a distinctive songwriting style that combines humour and candour. It like going deep with a long-time buddy. A few jokes are inevitably uttered in between the solemn times. She applies the same technique to every one of these tunes with a Christmas theme.

Fruitcake is reminiscent of Ariana Grande’s delightfully sultry 2015 Christmas & Chill EP. Both musicians replaced the usual, benign feel of Christmas tunes with something far more satirical.

Reviewing Sabrina Carpenter’s Fruitcake EP Songs

Fruitcake’s first single, “Nonsense,” is a remix of the song that became her breakthrough success. The song’s holiday-themed version was highly popular when it was released last year. Great phrases like “Has a huge North Pole” and “Think I only want you under my mistle toe” are included in it. Some listeners are sure to blush, but Carpenter has that tactic in her toolbox and is always prepared to use it.

Sabrina Carpenter's Fruitcake EP Songs Review

The second track, “buy me presents,” has a traditional Christmas shuffle. With a few seductive asides like “Fuck the jet—send the sleigh” and “It’s a packed holiday and I’ve got options,” she takes that mood and makes it her own.

The song “santa doesn’t know you like i do” changes things up and sounds like a background track that would fit right in with a Selena album from the 1990s.

She murmurs, “You’re going to leave me all alone on Christmas.” On this album, Sabrina explores a variety of stylistic avenues, but what ties everything together is the infectious quality she can’t resist.

We mean it when we say that “cindy lou who” seems like a song that was turned down from her well-received letters that I am unable to deliver. This song seems like a perfect fit for the heartbroken record, even if you remove the Christmas connotations.

Not to be overlooked is Carpenter’s interpretation of “white xmas.” Our hearts can’t help but expand when this beloved Christmas song plays, regardless of how often we hear it or how much we gripe about hearing the same tunes over and over. Carpenter does a magnificently nostalgic performance of the song that sounds much better than any other cover.

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